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3D Printed Electronics manufacturing systems offered by Neotech AMT

15X BT

The 15XBT is a bench-top sized system for the production of 3D Printed Electronics. It combines a 5-axis motion platform, sophisticated CAD/CAM software and the widest available range of integrated processing tools. The system is capable of making complex mechatronic systems, employing full 5-axis motion across the range of available print and functional tools. The 15XBT is designed to work with commercially available materials: from viscous pastes, nano-particle and particle-free inks, adhesive/dielectrics and biological reagents.

The 15XBT is designed to be modular and upgradeable. New tools can be added to the set-up as applications demand and budgets allow.

The versatile, flexible 15XBT is perfect for R&D, Rapid Prototyping and Product Development operations. It shares a common control system platform with the other systems in Neotech’s range. This means processes developed on the 15XBT can easily be scaled through larger part counts to full scale manufacturing.



The 15X SA is an economic large area Rapid Prototyping system ror 3D Printed Electronics. This unique system combines diverse printing technology with 5-axis motion

control enabling complex 3D printing. It is ideally suited for a wide range of R&D, Prototyping and Product

Development operations. The system has a modular configuration and uses a standardised high performance control system offering a clear path to future High Volume Manufacturing.


45X G4

The 45X G4 is a compact, high throughput, mass production system for 3D Printed Electronics. With 4 print heads and 5 axes of simultaneous motion, rapid parallel processing of multiple parts is achieved. Designed specifically for 24/7 operation the 45X is robustly constructed for minimal maintenance operation. Linear motor and encoder technology guarantee maximum printing accuracies (+/- 5μm) even at high-dynamic feed rates. High speed (< 1ms) motion control and simultaneous calculation for axis positioning enables rapid and consistent print speeds enabling optimised print cycle times. “Look Ahead” path control with jerk compensation ensures harmonious movement and sinusoidal accelerations that guarantee printing accuracy.


Custom Models

Large working area (to 2m+) platforms are available. Please contact Neotech for more details.